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Terms & Conditions - KiwiPrime

KiwiPrime is an optional membership for a user, structured through monthly or yearly payment, under which the delivery service is free in every delivery carried out from the Kiwi App, except for those under the section KiwiFavor / Tasks. The monthly cost of the membership is USD $14.99  and will be available for a period of thirty (30) days. The free delivery will take effect for those orders over USD $ 0 by paying  with any credit card or Venmo. All deliveries under USD $ 0 will be charged with the standard delivery fee.  

Fees and conditions of KiwiPrime can be changed at any time by Kiwi Campus Inc. Nonetheless, said changes won’t apply to existing KiwiPrime members. This said changes will only be applied when a pre-existing user decides to update the terms and condition on KiwiPrime service.  In case a user does not agree with the new terms, previous conditions will be sustained for a period of thirty days, (30) days. If you do not wish to move forward with KiwiPrime’s subscription, remember it’s possible to modify your preferences and/or cancel the service contacting us in the support chat.

Any new or renewed KiwiPrime membership is subject to Kiwi Campus Inc’s ongoing terms and conditions, which will be exhibited to the user at the moment when the subscription is being signed. It is also in Kiwi Campus’ decision to make changes regarding the current Kiwi Prime’s memberships. Kiwi Campus Inc will send a message announcing new changes, and the time they will start being enforced.

Kiwi Campus Inc. understands it’s user’s time is worthy and limited, and that its customers have multiple duties and issues to sole throughout the day. For this reason, through the acceptance of these terms and conditions, KiwiPrime’s membership will renew automatically, and the membership’s fee will be automatically debited from your account. If the user wishes the membership not to be renewed automatically, said user may cancel the predetermined value whenever it’s desired.

Any user may cancel KiwiPrime at any time. If any user cancels KiwiPrime, said membership will stop being renewed automatically. There are not re-emburses in already charged KiwiPrime services.

Occasionally, Kiwi Campus will provide certain users with a KiwiPrime trial, or other KiwiPrime promotions. These memberships or test promos are subject to these same terms and conditions as any KiwiPrime subscription unless the specific offer claims otherwise. Offers are directed to only one client at a time. Kiwi Campus Inc will bill the applicable fee after the trial period has expired. If the user cancels KiwiPrime before the test period’s expiration, Kiwi Campus will not charge.
KiwiPrime cannot be transferred to other Kiwi user.

Kiwi Campus Inc. reserved the right to accept, reject, or cancel anyone’s Prime Membership at any moment at its free will. If Kiwi Campus Inc. cancels someone’s KiwiPrime membership, the user will be re-imbursed for the remaining days of the membership for the rest of the paid term.

KiwiPrime’s service follows these special terms, as much as to Kiwi Campus Inc’s general terms and conditions and by its personal data treatment. If you send an email to [email protected] claiming you read these terms, David will ask you a question, and if answered correctly, he will invite you to a free bubble tea.